an audio/visual archive of work from Taylor Schaerer

Artist, Illustrator, Animator :

I have spent the last 8 years as a professional designer, developer and producer of video games for mobile platforms, Flash, Mac/PC, and console environments such as the Playstation3 and Nintendo Wii.  My work has been featured in many publications including Joystick, IGN, Engadget, and Nintendo Power magazine. My work in the video games industry also led to a nomination for the 2009 ELAN awards.

I was personally responsible for the creative vision of the number-one selling Nintendo WiiWare launch title Defend Your Castle, competing directly against the Final Fantasy and Lost Winds franchises.

I also make and continue an ongoing love-affair with comics.

Composer, Performer, Producer :

I co-founded the Champion City Records label, during which time I established a recording studio and began to work as a sound engineer and producer. As a multi-instrumentalist I have also been a member of dozens of bands spanning the gamut of genres from indie rock to southern blues.  I've been a member of a jazz trio, a drummer in death metal bands and a hacker of electronic noise devices.  My involvement in music has allowed me to tour from coast to coast.

Recently I completed the prototype of my design for a new electronic instrument dubbed the RATIKON, which is currently in the patenting process.

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(photo of me by courtesy of Jackie Anderson)